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Federal Gov’ Say Puntland Complains About Galmudug Would Be Settled Through Constitutional Means

Storyline:National News

Somali cabinetThe Federal Government of Somalia has on Monday said that complains fielded by Puntland state of Somalia about the newly formed Galmudug state would be settled through constitutional institutions in the country.

In a meeting chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister Mohamed Omar Arte, the cabinet noted the concerns of Puntland, but urged restraint.

One of the ideal constitutional federal institutions designed to solve such disputes between the states is Federalism and Boundaries commission which was approved by the parliament just on Monday.

Puntland has said in a statement “The Government of Puntland finds it regrettable, the federal government continued sponsorship, support and active engagement in an illegitimate process that is detrimental to the on-going peace and state-building efforts in Somalia”.

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