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Federal government asked to arbitrate arguments in Koryoley administration

Storyline:National News

The ministry of interior and federalism of the Federal government of Somalia was asked to intervene conflicts and arguments that might hamper the achievements of Koryoley administration.

Osman Sheikh Ali Burale speaking to Goobjoog FM accused the governor of Lower Shabele region Abdikadir Mohamed Noor “Sidii” of creating tensions in the region.

Mr. Burale confirmed that the governor of Lower Shabele has appointed new district commissioner unconstitutionally without considering the achievements and the challenges ahead of his administration.

The newly named Koryoley district commissioner Mohamed Haji Osman aka Shigshigow arrived  in Koryoley district claiming that he was officially appointed by the ministry of interior to take over the administration of Koryoley, a move which Mr. Burale denied and might accelerate the existing tensions between the two men.

On the other hand Mr. Sidii also stated that the security situation of some districts in the region like Koryoley has improved since the Federal government took the control from Al-shabab, adding that the business activities in the town flourished.

The ministry of interior nor the administration of Lower Shabele region has  given comments about the tensions in Koryoley.