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Federal Government calls on HirShabelle MPs to support new president

Storyline:National News
Interior Minister Abdi Farah Juha urged HirShabebelle state assembly to support the new president.. File photo: courtesy

The Federal Government has urged the HirShabelle state assembly to support the newly elected president Mohamed Abdi Ware realise his pre-election agenda.

Interior Minister Abdi Farah Juha said the state assembly exercised its role in sending home the previous leader Abdullahi Osoble and subsequently elected a new leader and should therefore provide all the necessary support.

“We learnt how to elect a leader and how to depose him. Let us now learn how to work together and to provide a shoulder to him [President Aware]. This leadership is a massive responsibility. We congratulate what transpired here and it is an action that deserves emulation,” said Juha.

The minister also praised the electoral process as fair and accountable noting the federal government will support the new leader.

“The election occurred in an open and trust worthy way and the MPS elected a person of their choice. We congratulate them. The new leader is facing a huge task and a wide responsibility. We pray to Allah to ease for him.  We look forward for him to unite the HirShabelle people.  We are ready to play our role and appeal to the international community to support them too” added Juha.

Ware was elected Saturday after garnering 75 votes out of a possible 97 in a hotly contested vote that ran into the third round.

Meanwhile Galmudug state president Ahmed Gelle Haf has congratulated his newly elected counterpart and wished him well.

Residents in Jowahr broke into celebration Saturday evening following the announcement of the electoral result expressing optimism in the election of the new leader.

President Ware will be inaugurated September 28.