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Federal Government Condemns Somaliland’s Reported Suppression of Media

Storyline:National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS | MOGADISHU: The Federal Government of Somalia has expressed concern over reported attempts by the Somaliland administration to silence media and citizens opposed to the Memorandum of Understanding with Ethiopia.

In a statement released Monday, the Federal Government said such actions amount to violation of freedom of speech and have serious implications on human rights and law enforcement.

“The desire for justice and protection of Somalia’s territorial integrity cannot be suppressed or silenced by force. A clear call is made to the security agencies of the Somaliland administration to reconsider their support for any agreements deemed illegal, especially those involving Ethiopia’s encroachment on Somalia’s land and sea,” the statement reads.

The Federal Government further stressed the significance of upholding the dignity of the people residing in the northern regions and that of the entire Somali population.  

“The Somali people’s rejection of Ethiopia’s purported ambitions to claim parts of Somalia’s sea and land is acknowledged and appreciated by the Federal Government,” concludes the statement.