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Federal government forces and AMISOM due to advance to Bardhere district

Storyline:National News

Federal government forces in Gedo region vow to advance take over all the areas under the control of Al-shabab especially Bardhere district, a stronghold of Al-shabab in the region.

Noor Siyah Hareed, among the top officers of government in region stated that forces are in their final preparation to wage scale war against Al-shabab.

The officer added that African Union peace-keeping troops in the region will also take part in the operations

“ The aim of the operation is to capture Al-shabab controlled areas within a week”

Before days the leader of Interim Juba administration Ahmed Madoobe vowed to smoke out Al-shabab from Juba and Gedo regions before the end of January.

“ Before the end of January the joint forces will be able to uproot Al-shabab from the region” Ahmed Madobe said.

Al-shabab control large swathes in South and Central Somalia despite heavy operations jointly launched by government forces together with AMISOM troops