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Federal government forces shot dead Al-shabab members in Bakara Market

Storyline:National News

Afhayenka wasaarada Amniga

Somali government security forces have gunned down two murderers linked to Al Shabab in Bakara market on Wednesday shortly after a security officer was assassinated in the market.

Two armed men shot an officer Abdifatah Noor Bare in the market which led to fierce gun fire between the forces and the armed men.

The Spokesman of the Ministry of the National Security Mohamed Yusuf Osman has confirmed that two Al- Shabab members were shot dead by the security forces after they assassinated a security officer named Abdifatah Nur Barre who was tasked for the security of the market.

“These killers attempted to escape from the crime scene but luckily for the braveness and the alertness of our security forces they were killed before they could run,” the spokesman said.

He said the security forces are devoted to arrest any Al -Shabab member who tries to kill and escape “he will be shot and killed”.

Meanwhile police also arrested two other suspects in the market after the killing of the security officer on Wednesday.