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Federal government hands over Mogadishu seaport to Turkish company

Storyline:National News


The federal government of Somalia has officially handed over the management of Mogadishu seaport to Al-Bayrak, Turkish company in a well executed ceremony inside the seaport.

The ceremony was attended by minister for transport and seaport, the assistant Minister, Turkish ambassador to Somalia, Al-Bayrak officials, businessmen and labourers.

Ahmed Salim, the head of the Turkish company speaking during the ceremony said the federal government of Somalia has requested the Turkish company to take over the management of the port and they agreed.

Mr. Salim stated that 55% of the of seaport’s income will directly go to the accounts of the government while the remaining 45% will go to the company.

He reiterated that the company will spend 80M dollars to modernize the seaport that has not received any repair the last two decades so as to promote its efficiency.

The minister for transports and seaport Yussuf Maolim Amin denied claims that some of the labourers will miss their jobs after the company take over the management of the port adding that the federal government’s income from the seaport will double.

The public are optimistic that the new company will enhance the recovery of the country’s economy and modernize the seaport.

Turkey, a close ally of the federal government has implemented several developmental projects in Somalia since 2011 including rebuilding government institutions and infrastructure that was devastated by civil war.