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Federal government offers 60 more days amnesty for Al-shabab members to surrender

Storyline:National News

The president of the federal republic of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud commended the efforts of Somali national army and African Union peace-keeping troops in conducting  successful Operation Indian Ocean against Al-shabab .

President Hassan Sheikh, AU envoy for Somalia Mr. Sidoku and AMISOM commander were attending colourful ceremony meant to encourage and praise the string victories of the forces against Al-shabab held the headquarters of defense ministry.

Somali president addressing the forces said the soldiers who died, injured and maimed during the operations had one vision, to restore the dignity, statehood of Somalia and uproot Al-shabab so as to bring the areas under their control to the government’s hand adding that the operations are  gaining momentum.

He sent his heartfelt condolences to the families to soldiers, both locals and peace-keepers who died during the course and wished quick recovery to the wounded ones.

He added that the government will give more time to the brain washed members of Al-shabab to surrender and take advantage of government amnesty.

“ The government gives more ample time, 60 days to Al-shabab members surrender and stop their bad acts” he said.

Recently after the supreme leader of Al-shabab Ahmed Abdi Godane was killed by US airstrike in Lower Shabelle, the federal government offered 45 days amnesty to Al-shabab members, a good number of the group surrendered as government officials confirmed to the local media.