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Members of Federal parliament reach Garowe to broker between federal government and puntland

Storyline:National News
Hassan Abshir Farah
Hassan Abshir Farah

Members of federal parliament who departed from Mogadishu and Nairobi reached Garowe, the administrative headquarters of semi autonomous regional state of puntland.

The seven members of federal parliament were led by Hassan Abshir farah, they were warmly welcomed at Garowe airport by Garowe commissioner Abdiaziz Noor Elmi.

The aim of their visit is to Garowe is to broker between the federal government and the regional state of Puntland whose relations is not in good terms after puntland on Thursday declared cut the ties with the federal government.

They are expected to meet top government officials including president Gaas who called back Puntland representatives in Mogadishu for immediate consultation.

Unconfirmed reports state that other lawmakers who hail from Puntland reached Garowe to respond to the calls of president Gaas.

This comes a time when President of Somalia’s Semi-autonomous State of Puntland Abdiweli Ali Gaas announced that it has cut the ties with the Federal Government of Somalia following the announcement of the formation of new administration in the Central Regions of Somalia which he termed it as unconstitutional and consequently unacceptable to the Government and people of Puntland.