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Federal government says respects Galmudug state assembly’s move to oust leader

Storyline:National News
Prime Minister Hassan Khaire speaking at a past function. File Photo: Goobjoog News

The Federal Government swiftly moved in last evening to endorse the ouster of Galmudug president Ahmed Geele Haaf shortly after the lawmakers who convened in a hotel voted to send home the state president.

In a statement published Tuesday evening in the state media from State Ministry of Interior, the government called for respect of the decision of the state assembly even as Haaf termed the move unconstitutional while federal parliament lawmakers from Galmudug called for adherence to the law by state institutions.

“The government is appealing for respect to the decision of Galmudug parliament arrived at today 26th September 27, 2017 and abiding by the supremacy of the law,” state minister, Abdullahi Farah Wehliye said.

“The minister also castigated the state government for restrictions imposed on the deputy president and second deputy speaker. “The government is condemning the actions against the constitution and the process of democracy to prevent the movement of the deputy state president, the 2nd deputy speaker of the state parliament of Galmudug and appeals to be given their liberty back immediately in order to conduct their constitutional responsibilities.”

Haaf had earlier accused the federal government of being behind plans to dethrone him following his decision to side with Saudi Arabia and UAE in the ongoing Gulf feud.

Elders and federal lawmakers from Galmudug are meeting today Adado to discuss the matter.