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Federal gov’t delivers new Police graduate to the southwest regional state

Storyline:National News, Security

The federal government of Somalia handed over a new police unit trained in Mogadishu to southwest state president, Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed (Laftagareen) on Monday evening.

A ceremony held by the Somalia Police and Corps commanders attended by the South-West state leaders has been announced the new security forces Base in southwest Somalia

South West State President, Abdi Aziz Mohamed thanked the federal government for the effort, safety and security that required troops to carry out operations against Al-Shabab control areas to seize in southwest state.

“You are young people who have been trained for their areas to ensure the security of the regions is safe and secure said during giving a speech to the new police graduate in Mogadishu.” Said Laftagareen.

Somalia Police Force Commander, General Abdi Hassan Mohamed Hijaar stated that the troops are confident and ready for operations as required and handed over to the South West regional administration.

“The forces are well equipped, prepared and will be transferred to the southwest headquarters as they move ahead to the operation areas,” said General Hijaar.

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