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Education Minister declares Puntland students to miss certificates

Storyline:National News, Security

Somalia’s Minister of Education, Abdullahi Godah Barre declared that students in Puntland who have not sat for Somali National Examination council will not receive federal government secondary certificate

According to a federal government minister of education speech, Somalia’s government will not accept the results of any other organised test except for the one issued by the ministry of the federal government.

“The secondary school certification test is the responsibility of the federal government. Only those who sit for the standardized tests will receive the Secondary School certificate,” said Godah Barre.

Puntland Education Minister, Abdullahi Mohamed Hassan said that Minister of the federal government, Mr Godah Barre is damaging the hearts of Somali students in Puntland.

Somalia’s federal ministry of education desires to have a graded examination for all schools across the country, but some regional administration authorities have opposed the terms.

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