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Federal LH pardons Minister Hosh after an apology

Ministers in the Federal Lower House today pardoned Federal Constitutional Minister Abdirahman Hosh Jibril in a move expected to seal the termination of his political future in the current government.

Minister Hosh visited the Parliament today after posting on his official Twitter a message of feeling sorry for earlier post that suggested the house has no right to oppose judiciary verdict. “If I knew that it can lead to such level [of crisis], I could not write it. It was not a bad intention against anyone in particular.  I want to tell you that the Parliament is the springboard for other government organs” posted Minister Hosh.

He also pledged to strengthen further the relationship between the Federal Lower and Upper Houses and his willingness to avail himself anytime being summoned. His lengthy apologetic words included a request to be pardoned by the parliamentarians if his words caused particular grief to anyone among them.

The House Speaker Prof. Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari was first to accept his apology. Among the MPs that were spearheading the motion against Minister Hosh included Abdifatah Dahir and Mahad Salad who also addressed the house expressed their acceptance of the apology.

They reminded him to be highly alert of the power perimeters of the house and keep away from trudging on its rules once again.

The minister who is said to have traveled to Nairobi for medical attention had earlier requested to appear August 11th but hurriedly flew back to Mogadishu on the 2nd of August 2017 when the parliamentarians insinuated to debate his political fate whether he is present or not  but  failed to oust him after only 130 MPs turned up missing the 139 threshold for the quorum.

Parliament resumed its business today but the Minister Hosh was fortunate and pardoned to continue his ministerial post for now.

The House had summoned the minister last week following his remarks on social media questioning the decision by the lawmakers to vote against a High Court decision which declared the election of eight MPs null calling for a repeat poll.

In his reaction, Jibril said the House did not have the mandate to overrule the court. “Somali parliament is out to lunch. Parliament cannot overturn the verdict of the highest court of the land,” the minister said in a tweet.