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House to decide fate of Constitutional Affairs minister Jibril Wednesday

The Lower House will tomorrow deliberate on the removal of Constitutional Affairs Minister Abdirahman Hosh Jibril as lawmakers bay for his blood over what they termed as the minister’s efforts to undermine the House.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, chairman of Public Works Committee in the Lower House Abdifatah Ismail Tahir said the House tomorrow convene to decide if Jibril will continue serving as minister.

He noted the minister is already informed to attend the proceedings and the parliamentarians are ready to debate on his fate whether he avails himself or not. The minister had asked the House to allow him appear before it August 11.

The House had summoned the minister last week following his remarks on social media questioning the decision by the lawmakers to vote against a High Court decision which declared the election of eight MPs null calling for a repeat poll.

In his reaction, Jibril said the House did not have the mandate to overrule the court. “Somali parliament is out to lunch. Parliament can not overturn the verdict of the highest court of the land,” the minister said in a tweet.

Article 69 (c) of the Provisional Constitution gives the Lower House powers to summon the cabinet including the Prime Minister on any matter relating to their function. The articles reads thus:  To summon the Prime Minister, members of the Council of Ministers and the Chairmen of the Independent Commissions and Offices. The House of the People of the Federal Parliament has the authority to review the duties of any official who does not respond when summoned by the House of the People of the Federal Parliament.


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