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Federal Ministry for Security denies reports on the closure of city roads

Storyline:National News, Security

The spokesperson for the Federal Ministry for Security Ahmed Arab cited the good progress of the security operations of stabilizing Mogadishu City and a lot of have been achieved in terms of peace as a result of this move.

“These days in the capital city, there was operations against Alshabab as well collecting illegal firearms and the Federal Security Ministry succeeded in these issues and steady progress is in place ” said Spokesman Arab.

He also thanked the different security organs of the Federal government for the impressive security work done “I pass my gratitude to the police and military personnel who are made of the security team manning the city for stabilization” he added.

No road is closed in Mogadishu because security staff is doing security checks along the main roads in the city in order to maintain peace which cannot be regarded as blocked roads according to the spokesman of the Security Ministry.

There are major security plans implemented by the Federal Security Ministry geared towards stabilizing the city and redoubling of this effort as insinuated by the spokesperson.

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