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Federal MP Abdisamid Moalim Mahmoud: The new security arrangement in Mogadishu makes no difference

In response to the security arrangement in which Bandir region administration was delegated to the security affairs of Mogadishu districts, Mp Abdisamd  Mo’lim Mahmoud in an interview with Goobjoog news downplayed the seriousness of the move.

The former interior minister blamed the president and top executiveS for the security chaos in the country ‘We understand that the current security situation permits to use all the available means to beef up national security but this particular move have no any substance’ said the MP

He also said the security vulnerability will continue as long as the security structure of the country continues like this ‘The problem is not how the security agencies operate whether national or regional but how they were structured’ said the MP.

The federal MP said, the new arrangement will not yield any fruits as long as the situation that produced security failure continues   ‘the security agencies need trainings, development and technology to crush anti-security elements in the country’ said the MP