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Federal MP Dahir Hassan: Hiiran should have its own state

Somalia Federal MP Dahir Hassan Abdi calls residents of Hiran region to pursue one region based federal state and to end previous plans to form federal state with middle shebelle region of Somalia.

In an inclusive interview with Radio Goobjoog this Saturday MP Dahir Hassan accused Somali Government double standards when forming Federal states in the country ‘They said constitutions only permits 2 region and more to form Federal state but my contention is, we know by fact that Galmudug state consists of one region and half, so why we cannot have our own state’ said Mp Dahir Hassan.

Members of Federal parliament from Hiran region previously accused Federal government for failing to recognize the status and the importance of Hiran region.

Somali interior and federalization minister Abdirhman Odwa is in Hiran now and vowed to not come back until he gets the agreement from the  people and the elders of the region.

Middle Shebelle and Hiran regions Federal state formation conference halted after several clan elders boycotted the conference.