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Federal MP Godah Bare: we are working on establishing an independent Hiran state

The former interior minister and the current Federal Mp Godah Barre expressed the possibility of forming one region based Federal state In Hiran.

In an exclusive interview with Goobjoog News MP Godah Bare blamed Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mahmud of dividing residents of Hiran and Middle Shebelle regions and said Hiran people will decide their fate ‘If there is no change in course of state building process, I will Personally work with other politicians and the people of the region to establish an independent Hiran state’ said Godah.

Yesterday Federal Interior minister Abdirhman Odwa with members of Federal cabinet re-opend Middle Shebelle and Hiran state building conference in Jowhar amid the absence of important clans.

Godah said motion against the conference in Johwar will be submitted to Somali Federal parliament immediately.  The motion will ask Somali government to Postpone the state building process of Hiran and Shebelle regions beyond 2016 elections ‘The motion gives strong signal to the government that they should listen and postpone. I know that the president and his team give no attention to such things because they do not respect the constitution’ said Godah.

Letter seen by Goobjoog News and addressed to UN special representative to Somalia Michel Keating by some elders of Hiran region asked the UN representative to mediate between federal government and the elders.

Middle shebbelle and Hiran state is only remaining federal state in the country.