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Federal MP: Juba reconciliation conference will not be stopped by Hirale’s decision

Storyline:National News

A member of federal parliament of Somalia said the official opening of Juba second phase reconciliation conference will not be stopped by Barre Hirale’s decision.

Mohamed Iidle, among the federal parliament members who hail from Juba regions told Goobjoog FM that all the delegates arrived in Kismayo adding that holding Juba conference is part of Addis Ababa agreement.

The MP underlined that there are individuals who are against establishing an inclusive administration in the region.

Barre Hiraale has recently accused interim Juba administration for interfering with the smooth running of the conference and urged the federal government of Somalia to fairly lead the conference.

Juba administration in Southern Somalia stated that the conference will open as planned without any delay.

Other confirmed reports say that president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is expected to visit Kismayo.