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Federal MP opposes State formation conference in Jowhar

Storyline:National News

Abdikadir Sheikh Hanafi has joined several other aggrieved individuals including traditional elders who are raising their voice against the manner in which the State formation process for Hiiraan and Middle Shebelle regions managed.

Speaking to Goobjoog News on Friday, Hanafi said he stands with the elders who are dissatisfied with the way the representatives are selected to sit in the State formation conference currently underway in Jowhar town, headquarters of Middle Shabelle region.

“We are holding talks with the clan elders about how the government managed the selection of the delegates and soon we shall come with concrete solution” he said.

The development comes as several other clans have already withdrawn from the conference citing interference by the Internal Affairs Ministry of Somalia.

Many attribute this interference to the Federal government’s resolve to install loyal administrations in the wake of increasing opposition from Jubbaland and Puntland States towards Federal government policies.

While the Federal government is in favor of the current tribal based election formula famously known as 4.5, the two States favor district and geographical representation.

This indifference delayed selection of the best method the country will use in the 2016 elections.

Several national consultative forums were held in the country – the latest in early January at Mogadishu, but no tangible results and resolutions were announced after days of closed door meetings between Federal leaders and Heads of federal members States.