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Federal MP says Puntland can defend from Alshabab

Somali Federal MP Abdi Bare Yusuf in an interview with Goobjoog News signalled his confidence that Puntland state forces without AMISOM or Somali national army can defeat Al-shabaab fighters.

MP called on Somali people to unite against Alshabab fighters saying they are number enemy of Somali people ‘ Puntland has military forces, paramilitary forces and police.

It can defend itself from any aggressor’ said Abdi Bare.

Somalia security forces have claimed to killed 70 Shebab insurgents who attacked coastal towns in the semi-autonomous Puntland area in the country’s northeast.

Puntland Minister of Information Mohamud Hassan said their forces the fightings took place in Suuj Valley in Nugal region, northern Somalia, and the government forces have overpowered the insurgents.

“We have killed 70 Al-Shabab fighters. We also arrested 30 of them. This is a military victory against terrorist group,” Hassan said.

Several residents of the region said they saw Shebab fighters come ashore aboard fishing boats last week armed with machine guns, mortars and rocket launchers.

There has been no word from Shebab on the fighting or their reasons for their surprise deployment in Puntland.

Puntland set up its own government in 1998, but unlike neighbouring Somaliland, it has not declared full independence.