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Federal MP Sharif Mohammed Abdulla: Mogadishu shall have its share of upper house

Somali Federal MP Sharif Mohammed Abdulla says Mogadishu deserves to have its share of upper house in this year’s scheduled elections. The MP said Somali constitution encourages inclusive politics which no region is excluded.

The MP sounded optimistic that Mogadishu will get its share of the upper house, as Somali leaders deliberate the share of Mogadishu in this year’s elections

“Somali Political leaders are closing the gap about the status of Mogadishu and we hope  that solution will be reached” said the MP

The MP justified the rift about Mogadishu’s share and status between Somali leaders as power struggle.

Somali upper house which will be consist of fifty four members raised intense political debate within Somali politicians and the public.