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Federal Security Ministry displays Alshabab member

Storyline:National News

The spokesman for Security Ministry Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud said the security officers arrested a member of Alshabab who is alleged to have carried a hand grenade attack.

Addressing the media, spokesman Ahmed commented that the attack was aimed at innocent Somali civilians around the four ways of the famous Bakaro market in Mogadishu.

“Speaking as the spokesman and on behalf of the Federal Security Minister, I pass my gratitude to the security officers especially to the Somali Federal Police service for attaining successful arrest of Alshabab member who hurled ahand grenade at blameless Somali people” said spokesman Ahmed.

He reiterated to the public to be united against Alshabbab who he said are engaged solely on to destroy the Somali nation.

He raised a point of advice to the security officers to be merciful to the public when they are carrying out security operations so as not to lose their support.