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FGS engaged in ‘deception and mischief’ over row with Kenya-Galmudug

Storyline:National News

Galmudug state has blamed President Farmaajo’s administration for the ongoing diplomatic tiff with Kenya accusing it of ‘deception and misinformation’.

In a statement Friday, Ahmed Haaf government said President Farmaajo and his Prime Minister Hassan Khaire had damaged cordial relations between Kenya and Somalia.

The two leaders, Galmudug said were ‘engaging in deceptive political promises and misinformation that undermined the confidence and respect of the Kenyan leaders towards the Somalia leaders’.

“The unpredictable and mischievous political behaviour and positions of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo and Prime Minister Hassan Kheire have undermined the confidence of the leaders of all neighbouring countries who are partners in the stabilisation struggle of Somalia.”

The statement comes amid reports in the Kenyan media that Nairobi had compiled a list of 66 Somali nationals to be barred from entering Kenya as relations between the two countries continue on the downward trend.

President Haaf’s administration also said it was calling for ‘an urgent consultative meeting between the FMS to discuss the political and security situation of the country and the deteriorating relations between Somalia’s strategic partners and neighbouring countries’.


The statement which comes barely two weeks after Galmudug announced the severance of ties with the Federal Government lays accusations against President Farmaajo’s administration. The central Somalia state points fingers at Mogadishu for interference and waste of public resources to destabilise federal member states.

“Galmudug has experienced the worst level of interference with President Farmaajo’s regime diverting colossal amounts of foreign aid towards efforts to overthrow the leadership of Galmudug,” the statement read in part.

Talks between the FMS and FGS leaders in Garowe collapsed early last month the fate of current Galmudug administration forming the core of the five days meeting. Puntland and Galmudug went ahead to suspend cooperation with the Federal Government as a result.

According to the founding constitution of Galmudug state, the current administration’s term lapses in July but Waare and his chief minister Sheikh Shakir have insisted a new constitution born out of the unity government last year mandated a whole new term of four years from March 2018.

In the statement, Galmudug also condemns Villa Somalia for ‘undermining the principles of checks and balances.’

“The executive focuses implacably on silencing political dissent through bribery, intimidation and media propaganda wars.”