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FGS pledge to protect Somali citizens in South Africa

Storyline:National News

The federal government of Somalia has released a press statement of the violence perpetrated against the foreign nationals in South Africa, which have been exposed to violence, robbery and frequent attacks in recent years.

In a press, a statement by the Somali Ministry of Information said that it’s regarding the violence in South Africa where a majority of Somali businessmen live who have been attacked and suffered from personal and property damage.

The Somali government is sorry for the acts of looting and extortion Somali citizens and their businesses and appeals to the South African government to protect and safeguard the safety of Somali citizens and their property.

Finally, the Somali government is committed to its citizens in South Africa calls for more vigilance and attention, and will keep in perception with the Somali Embassy in South Africa.

There is growing outraged after a series of xenophobic attacks on foreign-owned businesses happened during the last days in South Africa.