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Fight between Al-shabab and government troops in Bulo-Burte kills five people

Storyline:National News

At least people died and many others wounded after fighting erupted between federal government forces and Al-shabab in the outskirts of Bulo-Burde district.

The clash erupted after members of Al-shabab attacked the bases in and the outskirts of the district.

Most of the people who died in the clash are from both sides, the fighting that has been going on for an hour has terrified the public as the sound of bullets was heard all over the district and the nearby areas.

Both Al-shabab and security officials in the region have declined to comment about the clash in the area.

Somali national army together with African Union peace-keeping troops have pushed out Al-shabab from Bulo-burte earlier this year, since then Al-shabab carried out several deadly attacks against the bases of allied forces and government institutions.