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First online market launched in Somalia

Storyline:Business, National News

The first web-based market in Somalia has been launched. The new marketplace named, is the initiative of Somali professionals.

According to details presented at the Friday launch, the platform is meant to enable people to sell and buy online.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Abdifatah Mohamed Abdi alias Qaydanle, stated that online market would enable many customers to easily buy or sell various commodities and sevices.

Facilitate business

“This market is to facilitate business for both sellers and buyers. We want people at home to be able to sell and buy,” said Mr Abdi.

Those in attendance at the launch included members of the SOM-INDIA group, an association of Somali nationals who studied in India. marketing director Abdurrahman Yusuf Moalim said it was currently limited to Mogadishu and the surrounding areas.

Electronic devices

“We are aiming to expand the online market across Somalia and around the world,” remarked Mr Moalim.

Mr Moalim explained: “If a person wants to sell a mobile phone device, we are going to give him/her a user name and a password, upon paying a small fee. The site will feature a picture of the device on sale and its price.”

According to the promoters of the new marketplace, already on sale were houses, cars, electronic devices, books and office appliances.

“This is a response to needs among the people in Somalia for this kind of service,” said the CEO.