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Fishermen in Hobyo Complain about illegal Vessels

Storyline:National News

Hobyo fishermen are seriously complaining about foreign vessels which are illegally fishing in Somali waters.
One of the fishermen in Hobyo told Goobjoog News that they had faced continuous threats from foreign fishing boats which are equipped with weapons.
“Our job is in jeopardy, we have been several times chased by these vessels which are illegally taking our sea resources” he said.
He added that they stayed at their fearing for their dear lives after vessels poured them with hot water and destructed their nets.
“These are Iranian vessels, we have evident and it is obvious, everybody knows that” he underlined.
He noted that they tried to talk to these vessels but the sailors showed them permit letters from Semi-autonomous regional State of Puntland.
Local Fishermen have continuously complained about foreign trawlers who are doing the illegal fishing and dumping waste. Some fishermen have gone missing while others are tortured by the trawlers who at times spray boiling water from cannons.