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Five charcoal traders killed in Lower Jubba, Somalia

Storyline:National News


At least five charcoal traders were killed last night in the lower Jubba Somalia after they were attacked by unknown gunmen.

Jubbaland police are conducting hunting operation in ​​Bulo-Gadud area in Lower Juba region of Somalia.

Abdifatah Ahmed Adan, a police commander in Bula-Gaduud told Goobjoog News, “that the security forces are conducting operations to get the unknown gunmen who killed the charcoal traders in the area.”

He said, “That they are suspecting the unknown gunmen belong to al-Shabab after Al-Shabaab were banned of charcoal trade in the region.”

Al Qaeda-linked Al Shabaab was reported several times to have burnt vehicles transporting charcoal in the lower Jubba region of southern Somalia.

The militant group Al-Shabaab has been partly blamed for the increased trade by facilitating its export to some Gulf countries from Jubbaland state in the last years before they were taking over Kismayo town.

The Somali government has imposed a ban on the charcoal trade in 2012 to preserve the environment and also eliminate a vital source of funding for armed groups.

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