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Five killed As Gunmen Raid a Village in Mandera County

Storyline:National News

Tension is very high in Banissa sub-county after 5 people were killed in Hawan location near Banisa district.
Unknown gunmen raided the village and uprooted a family of 5 and wounded several people last night.
The victim family members were identified as Abdi, his wife and of their three children.
There had been recurrent clan clashes in Mandera country since Kenya’s general elections which caused two clans Degodia and Gurre who both occupy in the county to engage furious gun battle over Mandera North constituency seat.
The fighting which has been going for months cost livesw of over people from both sides and displaced over 2000 families.
Tension between rival clans in Rhamu, has been building up since June last year, due to claims that one group was resettling in the town.
Garre clan members are said to have been ferried from Wajir after the Degodia burnt their houses during clashes in which at least 60 people died.
For years, the two clans have fought over political dominance and control of resources in Mandera County.
In May 2014, the fighting spilled over to Wajir following a conflict over a boundary between the two counties.