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Floods force hundreds to flee homes in Beledweyne

Storyline:National News

Hundreds of families have been forced out of their homes following flush floods in Beledweyne after torrential rains pounded the area in the last few days, authorities there have said.

The heavy rains led to the bursting of River Shabelle which caused massive floods in  areas along the river and beyond.

Beledweyne Mayor Omar Adan who spoke to Goobjoog News said that hundreds of residents of Beledweyne vacated their homes, and fled with their necessary belongings.

“Few months ago people were complaining about water shortages but today floods caused by recent heavy rainfalls have displaced hundreds of people” said Adan.

He added “Many people who fled their homes in Beledweyne are in need of humanitarian assistance”.

Residents in flood prone areas are advised to evacuate from villages near to the river banks.

Waters flowing back from the hilly areas of the town caused flooding that caught most of the families unprepared on Sunday night, despite the earlier warning of an El Nino phenomenon.

However, nobody was reported to have been killed in this incident, although many residents have been left once again with homes and belongings destroyed.

The worst affected areas are Hawo-Tako and other neighbourhoods in the town.

The houses owned by the fleeing families were swept away by rampaging floodwater from the heavy downpours hit  their suburbs over the past two days, according to Mohamed Sugal Osman.

Beledweyne, located in central Somalia is prone to flash floods when river Shabelle hit full crest.

Recurrent droughts have so far left tens of thousands of households, mainly in southern and central Somalia more destitute according to the United Nations aid agencies.