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Floods submerge houses, displace hundreds in Mahaday

Storyline:National News

Heavy rain continued to affect Somalia and resulted in flooding which has displaced thousands of people across the nation.

The downpours, which began in late September, also washed away bridges and villages, complicating efforts to reach the affected people.

Hundreds of people have been displaced in Mahaday town as floodwaters continue to submerge houses and schools and destroy crops.

The floods have caused latrines to overflow, contaminating water sources. “I have no better water to drink. I have to use what is readily available, even if I am aware of the risk of contracting diseases,” Muunina Hussein Abdi, a resident in Mahaday, told Goobjoog News as she fetched flood water for domestic use.

Deputy Mahaday district commissioner, Salah Adan speaking to Goobjoog News said heavy downpour that has been pounding more than 24 hours swept houses and destroyed crops.

“Floodwaters have submerged houses and schools and destroy crops, no movement of transport as all-weather roads cut off. Unless they get emergence assistance the situation will turn into tragic” said the deputy.

“The rains were exceptionally heavy. I have not seen such rains for years as I lived in this area for about 10 years” Elder Farah said.

The heavy rainfall comes a time when much higher than normal rains in the last third of 2015, resulting from the El Niño climate phenomenon are expected to rain according to UN.