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FM Awad: Somalia is ready to take advantage of Chinese development projects

Storyline:National News

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Federal Government of Somalia, Ahmed Isse Awad, said that the country is ready to work towards the development of the economic infrastructure and make use of the opportunities by the Chinese President Xi Jinping, which is exploiting Africa and the rest of the world.

The minister who had taken a bilateral meeting with his China counterpart discussed on how to strengthen the historical friendship between the two countries and to take advantage of the opportunities available for development, trade, and trans-mapping projects in Somalia.

The Minister has also expressed his hope that the cooperation between the Somali government and the Chinese government has reached a new level of cooperation in trade and investment relations between the two peoples in three years, with optimism, and noted the sides they can collaborate.

Somalia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Isse Awad leading a delegation are attending the meeting for their second day on the implementation of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) Beijing Summit in China.

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