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FMS leaders, Farmaajo set out tasks on refining poll model

Storyline:National News

Federal Member State leaders Tuesday night met for another round of talks with President Mohamed Farmaajo to fine-tune the newly agreed electoral formula.

Sources close to the talks told Goobjoog News the meeting focused on three agenda items. The first item was the appointment of members to the temporary federal elections committee.
On this item, the leaders agreed to present names to the poll committee in what mirrors the 2016 model where the FMS sent in two names each and the Federal Government six members.
The names are expected to be presented in the next meeting. Another agenda item is setting the exact timelines for the elections. The Mogadishu Model approved by the Federal Parliament last week only states the electoral process will kick off November 1 but is silent on the specificities taking into consideration the process is mutual-phased.
It involves for example agreement on number of civil society representatives who will, together with the clan elders appoint the electoral delegation.
Also, there is need to define when the actual voting will take place both for the MPs and Senators.
The latter are elected by FMS parliaments. The meeting also discussed the general roadmap for the elections which include logistics, security and funding.
In the next meeting, the source said, the leaders will be expected to endorse the elections committee members, terms and reference for the job.
Another meeting is expected either today or tomorrow.