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Foldable Samsung Galaxy smartphone certified for use in South Korea, expect it to arrive in 2019

Storyline:Science & Tech

While everyone’s busy lusting after the near bezel-less Apple iPhone X or the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, depending on where their loyalties lie, Samsung has gone ahead and applied for certification for a new kind of folding smartphone.

It was early this year when rumours started circulating that the likes of Microsof, Samsung and LG were hard at work developing folding phones for 2018. At the time, the rumours simply suggested that the new designs were being worked on and that they would arrive in 2018 or later.

The latest news, courtesy of PocketNow, is the first real evidence of the existence of a folding smartphone from Samsung. According to the report, South Korea’s National Radio Agency, received an application for a folding smartphone with the name SM-G888N0. LetGoDigital thinks that  this device might be dubbed the Samsung Galaxy X or X1 at launch. The phone has since been approved for use in Korea.

PocketNow’s sources indicate that the phone will only arrive in 2019, however, when the technology matures enough for folding smartphone screens to be viable. The device is expected to enter the prototyping phase in “this quarter”.

Sadly, the application reveals no details about the hardware or specifications of the device. There is also no confirmed image of the phone, so we can’t comment on its design.