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Food shortage threatens the lives of Tyeglow residents

Storyline:National News

Local residents in Tyeglow district of Bakol region face dire humanitarian conditions due to acute shortage of food and other essential services.

Tyeglow district commissioner told Goobjoog FM that that food has run short due to supply routes that has been cut off by Al-shabab for months.

He added that humanitarian aid agencies and the trucks transporting essential commercial goods could not reach the district for months doubling the terrible humanitarian crisis caused by the droughts and famine.

The commissioner noted that if emergency support is not delivered to the people in the district the crisis might go out of hand.

The commissioner finally underlined that the government forces are conducting operations to reopen the blocked roads in the region.

He called the federal government of Somalia to take responsibility and reopen the blocked roads to allow the essential goods and humanitarian aid agencies to reach the area and support the affected people.

Due to conflicts between government forces backed by AMISOM troops and Al-shabab, the group lost the control of many areas in Bakol region hence imposed tight blockade on all the trade routes leading to the major districts in the region, this in turn caused acute food shortage.