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Foreign envoys in shuttle diplomacy to defuse political tension

Foreign ambassadors to Somalia are trying to negotiate a deal between president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and members of parliament who are seeking the impeachment of the president.

In an effort to avoid the derailment of political progress in the country, the envoys have been holding meetings with the speaker and other stakeholders.

The latest meeting was between Swedish ambassador to Somalia Makail Lindval and parliament speaker Prof. Mohamed Osman Jawari.

The envoy conveyed his concerns over the impeachment motion against the president and asked the speaker to intervene.

“Sweden would like to voice the concerns raised by international community regarding the impeachment matter,” said ambassador Lindval.

But the speaker said Somalia has constitutional organs to deal with such matters and things would take its course, but he thanked the ambassador for raising concerns and appreciated his views.

British ambassador MS Harriet Mathews has previously met with the speaker as other diplomatic corps in the country warned against putting the country into political crises.

Some 93 MPs have tabled impeachment motion in the parliament and accusing the president of grossly violating the constitution.

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