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Form four exams kick off countrywide save for Puntland

Storyline:National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS|SOMALIA: Unified national examinations for form four students kicked off countrywide Saturday marking the ninth year since the government introduced standardised examinations.

Ministry of Education and examination officials oversaw the start of the exercise Saturday morning in the capital Mogadishu and all the Federal Member States save for Puntland which is yet to ascribe to the system.

A total of 33,700 students are sitting for the exams in all the participating regions. The first standardised examinations were introduced in 2015. Before that umbrellas encompassed groups of schools used to issue different exam models depending on their syllabus, including those from Kenya, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia among other countries.

The umbrellas which still operate now continue to issue their respective exams but students must ultimately sit for the government-administered exams.

The exams will take place in 114 centres countrywide.