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Former Banadir governor announce new political party

Storyline:National News

The former  governor of Banadir region and mayor of Mogadishu Mohamud Ahmed Noor Tarsan has on Thursday announced new political party in Mogadishu, Tarsan said he is the chairman of  Social Justice party.

Speaking in a well executed ceremony attended by politicians,intellectuals,traditional elders and civil society from all walks,the former governor said the main purpose of forming this party is to promote justice, unity and facilitate the development and reconstruction of the country.

The chairman of the new party Mr. Tarsan said the party is from the community and its operations will be based on the will of the community unlike the other political parties that failed to do much about the needs of the people.

Tarsan urged the leaders of the regional administrations in the country including Interim Juba administration, Puntland and and the newly established administration of South West Somalia to help the expansion of his party adding that he is willing to open new offices in all parts of Somalia.

Tarsan underlined that his party will take an active role in solving the political  feud between the top leaders of Somalia that has affected the smooth running of federal government’s activities.

This comes a time when the federal parliament of Somalia has not yet approved opening and registration of political parties.