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Former FM Buba “Somalia should not be partitioned”

Storyline:National News

Ismael BubaThe former Somalia foreign minister Hon. Ismael Hurre Buba said it’s a bad idea to separate Somalia into two states and that the country is best served when it’s fully intact.

He was commenting on the recent unity negations in Djibouti between Somalia Federal Government and Separatist Administration of Somalia in the north where Mr. Ismael hails from.

He commended the progress made in the talks and the 6 points agreed on which could be a good start for the desired results.

“I can’t see the possibility of the country to split into two or three states, remember Somaliland is not the only one willing to separate, if we accept this it will lead other regions also to announce their independence, this is very dangerous for Somalia, the whole Horn Africa region and to the whole world” Says the unionist.

He praised the role played by the international community in bring together the two sides into the negotiation table.

The talks between Federal Government and Somaliland will resume on February 2015 in Turkey.

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