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Former Interior Minister “Interim Administrations are Illegal”

Storyline:National News

Godah BareFormer immediate interior minister Abdullahi Godah Barre has told Goobjoog that the recognized interim administrations, namely IJA and South West are illegal and doesn’t comply with the set rules in the constitution.

He said they were formed against his wills while he was the interior minister and that the top three federal leaders, namely president, PM and the speaker, had certain political agendas in rushing things through before they could meet the required criteria to be an administration.

“These so called interims are not healthy, the top three leaders wanted it, for me and my ministry never endorsed such arrangements, it’s pure absurd when you form something against the constitutional requirements, and I can tell you it would finally fall into the hands of one person who would manipulate the whole thing” said the concerned politician.

When asked why he couldn’t speak out while he was still the minister and things were unfolding in front of his eyes, Godah said that the top leaders forced his hand and pushed things against his wills.

“To make things worse, there are no standard criteria based on the formation of these so called interim administrations, each one come into being in a different arrangement, for IJA it was a result of Addis Ababa agreement, and for South West it was totally in a different shape, I can also guess the emerging ones would take new route” said the Godah.

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