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Former Mogadishu Mayor Says Somalia Is Heading To Balkanization

Storyline:National News

TarzanThe outspoken former Mogadishu mayor, Mohamoud Ahmed Noor Tarzan, who is also chairman of a new political party, believes that the country is heading for balkanization.

Speaking to Goobjoog, the mayor said that in the current trend and turns of events in the country, in all likelihood, Somalia would be split into small republics parallel to the federal government.

“They want to become small republics within Somalia that will do away the federal governments, these republics share borders with foreign countries and the federal army could not be stationed” said Tarzan.

He pointed out that they would be having their own armies, foreign embassies and everything state should be having.

He suggested that before rushing things through, there should be some kind of mechanism in place to ensure this will not happen.

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