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Former Mudug governor: Local leaders provoke clan clashes in Saho locality

Storyline:National News

The former governor of Mudug region, Puntland administration Mohamud Guure Gulled accused local leaders of inciting the clan clashes in Saho locality.

He condemned the serving governor of the region of creating division among the locals in the area, He added that Saho locality cannot be claimed by one clan or administration.

“Saho locality is for all people in the area, they should live peacefully” the former governor said.

Recently Mudug governor claimed Saaho locality to be part of Puntland administration and urged militias from Galmudug to vacate the area.

Finally the former governor urged the administrations of Puntland and Galmudug to actively take part in the efforts of ending the hostilities and tensions in the area systematically.

He called the local people in Mudug particularly Saho locality to refrain from the cheap propaganda aired, posted by media and circulated by people with personal interest that might lead to further confrontations and bloodshed among the clans.