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Former NISA director :“Some of detained officials fought for the nation”

Storyline:National News






Former director of National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA), Ahmed Moalim Fiqi who gave exclusive interview to Goobjoog news said that he personally known to the 11 arrested officials who were accused of assisting Al-Shabaab during the groups attack on SYL Hotel in Mogadishu, adding that they were among those who fought for the government during the fighting against Al-Shabab fighters and even some of them lost some of their family members in those clashes.
“Among those detained officials are some who lost dear family members because of the government and even they sustained injuries as they were fighting for the government”
Adding “Hassan Dahir Saed and Mahad Korrow are the victims who suffered, Hassan’s father and brother were killed by Al-Shabab fighters and he himself escaped from assassination attempt carried out by Al-Shabab, the other side Hassan who was admitted to hospital, sustained serious injuries after his house was attacked, the man lost his wife in that attack, Al-Shabab did all these because theses men the post held in for somali government ”
Fiqi criticized the way the government dealt with these officials and he said that the government overstated their detention.
“These officials can be suspected but when high rank officials like these ones are suspected for assisting Al-Shabab, people will substantially loss confidence in the government” he noted.