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Former President Of Galmudug Blames Puntland For Creating Enmity Between People Of Mudug Region

Storyline:National News

Cabdi Cawaale QeybdiidThe former president Galmudug state, Abdi Hassan Awale (Qeybdiid) has pointed fingers of blame at the president semi-autonomous regional state of Puntland, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali gaas.

Speaking at a fare well ceremony to see off the former president held in Galkayo town, Qaybdiid blamed that Puntland intends for creating disruption in central regions and the newly formed Galmudug state.

” I want to call upon our brotherly Puntland people to refrain from creating enmity between the society and stop announcing violence in the region, there is erroneous leader like Abdiweli Gaas who wants to incite people to create violence in the region” he said.

He highlighted that Mudug people are brothers and called upon them to live together peacefully.

“Let the mind work, care the brotherhood and respect the neighbourhood, we saw our brother Abdiweli ran mad, let you not mislead by him” he said.
On 6th this month, Puntland State refused not recognize the newly formed state of Galmudug.

Speaking in a press conference in Garow, the state’s Minister of Information, Mohamed Hassan Soo’ade said that elections of Galmudug state’s head in Adaado was equally a sham process and as a result Puntland would also not recognize the newly elected head of Galmudug State Abdikarim Hussein Guled.

His remarks follow pledge by the newly elected head of state of Galmudug who said that his administration would open talks with Puntland and Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama’a in order to resolve any differences.

“Puntland is government and can only go into negotiations or talks with another government and not individuals. Since we do not recognize him or his state, how can he open talks with us,” posed the minister of information.