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Former president of Somalia Abdi Qasim “the fighting in Gedo region is a civil war”

Storyline:National News, Security

Former President of Somalia Abdiqasim Salad Hassan, speaking to local media in Mogadishu about the recent fighting in parts of the Gedo region attributed as a civil war.

“The fighting in Gedo region is mostly civil war and not just distant fellows who commit suicide, but the federal government should mediate and solve all disputes, conflict and misunderstanding in a peaceful manner,” Said President Abdiqasim Salad Hassan.

The president also pointed out that the federal government has changed the political rule behind the gate in Somalia trying to dissolve the strength of regional state presidents.

The retired president’s speech comes during the Gedo region is in turmoil between the federal government and the Jubbaland administration as a result of the government troops deployed in Gedo region left critical situation.

The president said that those killed in Gedo region are brothers and called on the local authorities, elders and communities to end the violence.

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