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Former Somali deputy minister for information expresses hope that Somali central state will formed soon

Storyline:National News

Former Somali deputy minister for information Abdishakur Ali Mire who came back from Adado town which is hosting the reconciliation Somali central state formation conference, has detailed his trip.
Mr. Abdishakur said that he took meeting with traditional elders, intellectuals and state formation technical committee on how the conference was going and their views towards the conference.
“I highly appreciated to witness people Somali central regions discussing their affairs freely and wishing to form their own regional state which will serve people of those regions, my recent trip to Adado town i held talks with traditional elders, intellectuals and encouraged them to keep on these efforts till they see positive outcome” he said.
“I also told the technical committee to mull the complaints of other people who dissatisfied with the process of the conference”
He underlined that it is the responsibility of Somali federal government to give the public chance to say problem and share the power equally in transparency and neutrality way.
Finally he called delegates and MPs who participating the conference to put more efforts the conference as to get positive outcome and consistent regional government for Somali central regions.