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Former Somali lawmaker: We were astonished by prime minister’s approach to appoint cabinet

Storyline:National News

Since the prime minister of Somalia Omar Abdirashid announced his cabinet on Monday the number politicians criticizing his new government have been on the increase.

A former member of transitional federal parliament and the first vice president of the state South West Somalia-six regions Mohamud Sayid Adan condemned the manner in which Somali premier selected his cabinet.

“ We were amazed by the approach employed by Somali prime minister to appoint his new cabinet” the former MP said.

Mr. Mohamud confirmed that many politicians took meeting to oppose the newly announced government adding that they issue full statement concerning their agreement latter today.

Finally the former member of the parliament underlined that his clan is not well represented in the new government hence theyhave no confidence to the announced cabinet.

Over eighty federal parliament MPs who met in Mogadishu on Monday confirmed that they will not give vote of confidence to the newly announced government of Somalia led by Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharma’arke accusing the new premier of violating power sharing deal they reached with him during the submission of appeal.

“ The power sharing agreement we reached with PM Sharma’arke has been violated and our requests and advices fell on a deaf ear” one of the MPs said.