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Former Somali Mp Abdi Jibril Argues The Outcome Baidoa Meeting

Storyline:National News

Former Somalia Member of Parliament Abdi Bare Jibril argued  about the outcome of  the national security council meeting in Baidoa  says that there was a meaningful outcome and has no change for the Somali people.

Abdi Barre Jabriil said “the conference meeting in Baidoa doesn’t have much difference from previous meetings that was held in the country by the federal government together with the regional states which never made any progress in the country.

He added that the conference meeting in Baidoa was a dictatorship call for the federal government and the regional estates to focus now on a referendum election to be held in the country on 2020.

The security situation in the country is much worse than a year ago when the current leaders were elected, and the Somali community was expecting a big change from the current government. “Said-Abdi Bare

Abdi Barre concluded that the government should now focus on the security of the country where the last few days in the month of Ramadan the tension of the security threats was so high and several killings happened in the capital Mogadishu.

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