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Four people injured in bomb attacks on residential house of Federal MP in Balad Hawo town

Storyline:National News

Unidentified assailants overnight attacked a residential house of federal MP in in Balad Hawo town which nears Kenyan Border with Somalia, injuring three people.

Balad Hawo town was a relatively peaceful town but has lately been the target of bombings, allegedly by Islamist rebels.

Four people, including a woman were injured after the attackers, threw explosive devices into the house, accoding to Balad Hawo District Commissioner Yusuf Abdirahman Abdulkadir.

“We are investigating the incident but the MP has escaped unharmed the assisination attempt thoug four other people injured in the blasts” he said.

Eye witnesses told Goobjoog News  that two consecutive explosions heard in the centre of the town.

“Four people, were wounded in twin grenade blasts that occurred on Thursday night at a house belong to federal MP, Abdifitah Nur Matan” said Abdi Mohamed, a resident of Balad Hawa town.

The incident comes a barely a day Balad Hawo District Commissioner Yusuf Abdirahman Abdulkadir narrowly escaped an assassination attempt after IED bomb fitted on his car exploded outside his office.

After the assignation attempt on the DC five people in connection with the explosion have been arrested in the town by the security forces.

According to (SNA) army colonel Nuh Osman Hajji, the five terror suspects were arrested during the searches for the architects of the Tuesday’s car bomb attack that targeted Balad Hawo district commissioner Yusuf Mohamed.

“We are questioning five people arrested in the security operation in connection with the bomb attack at the city’s police station,” Col Hajji said in an interview with local media journalist.

A recent series of attacks blamed on Islamist forces have taken place in both sides of the town of Bulahawi which once had been under the control of the Al-Shabaab fighters.